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Product ID: 303071-9090-000

The miLOOP® from ZEISS is a game-changing microinterventional lens fragmentation device. Using micro-thin super-elastic, self-expanding nitinol filament technology, the ZEISS miLOOP allows cataract surgeons to achieve zero-energy lens fragmentation for any grade cataract.¹

Your benefits at a glance

> Up to 53% less overall phaco energy1
> Up to 30% lower fluid volume
> Designed to minimize stress to the capsule and zonules
> Reduced procedure treatment time2
> Reduced post-operative treatment time1 3
> Zero Energy Lens Fragmentation with centripetal action dissection

Important note: Purchase possible only for already certified users

¹ Ianchulev T, Chang DF, Koo E, et al Microinterventional endocapsular nucleus disassembly: novel technique and results of first-in-human randomised controlled study. British Journal of Ophthalmology April 2018.
2 post-market evaluation survey performed in 2019, n=279; data on file
3 Wont T et al, Phacoemulsification time and power requirements in phaco chop and divide and conquer nucleofractis techniques – J Cataract Refract Surg 2000; 26:1374-1378 

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Technical Data
Weight 13 g
Number of uses Single use
Material Grade 304 stainless steel, TPE, Nitinol, CALIBRE 5101
Handle Length: 114,50 mm
Diameter: 12 mm
Cannula Length: 9 mm
Diameter: 1 mm
Wire loop Maximum width:
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