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TANO POLISHER 25G S9.6016.25 product photo

TANO POLISHER 25G S9.6016.25

Product ID: 000000-0629-001

FCI backflush handpieces are ready-to-use and present a black silicone tip for an improved visibility during the vitreoretinal surgery. All are convertible from passive to active aspiration thanks to a removal/replaceable plug on the handle. Additionally, its large reservoir offers a maximum reflux volume.
• They are available in 20, 23 and 25 Ga with many cannula tips: soft tip, brush tip, blunt tip, and diamond dusted soft tip. Now available with T-Tube for 23 and 25 Ga soft tip, brush tip and diamond dusted soft tip
Main characteristics: T-Tube for easy insertion into the trocar cannula / protection of the backflush tip All-in-one and ready to use Black silicone tips for better visibility Large reservoir for maximum reflux volume Plug for active / passive conversion Luer lock for active line attachment
• Available in 20 Ga, 23 Ga, 25 Ga Sterile, box of 5
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000000-0629-000 TANO POLISHER 20G S9.6016.20 20G Box of 5
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000000-0629-001 TANO POLISHER 25G S9.6016.25 25G Box of 5
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000000-0624-149 Disposable Tano Polisher (23 Ga) S9.6016.23 23 Ga Box of 5
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